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Following the AGM on 5th March 2017 the club failed to recruit and replace long serving committee members who wish to retire; the club is now without a working committee. The decision has sadly been taken to disband the club after 38 years of service to the Islands equine community.

A final fun show will be held on Sunday 30th April to raise money for charity and to sell off the clubs assets.

The assets will be sold by silent auction.

The club also has a number of cups and trophies that have been donated over the years and we would like those people who wish to have them returned to please get in touch with Elaine Murray by 30 th March. Trophies and cups not returned to the donor will be offered to the competitor who had won them the most times. mail@billandelaine.co.uk

Our thanks go out to everyone who has supported the club over its 38 years and we hope the clubs philosophy of encouraging riders to achieve more with their horses has been of benefit and we hope it has inspired.


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