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MHC Challenge 2022

Supported by Milan Veterinary Practice

Manx Horse Council Dressage Challenge 2022

Organised by Kennaa Riding Club

23rd April 2022

Supported by Milan Veterinary Ltd

The home team of Kennaa Riding Club followed up on their recent success in Arena Eventing by winning the Team Dressage Challenge held at Kennaa on Saturday April 23rd.

A sunny but blustery day saw 6 teams coming before judge Jane Atree to contest the MHC Dressage Challenge. There were some very nice performances in both the short and long arenas and it was good to see younger members on their ponies taking up the challenge.

The Kennaa team of James Mister on Graigueaverne Forester, Stephanie Byers on Abbeyfield Cailin, Jess Collister on Roosevelt and Lola-Bea Bryce riding Eragon Von Der Held dominated both the team and individual competitions with the top 4 scores of the day totalling 278.08%. The minor placings were evenly contested with the Chasers team “Shaken but not Spurred” second, edging out Conrhenny EC by less than 3% who finished third. West Coat RC were fourth, Baldrine Stables fifth and Pony Club sixth.

The individual winner was last year’s champion James Mister who produced a fine test on Graigueaverne Forester with a score of 74.31% ahead of team-mate Lola-Bea Bryce on Eragon Von Der Held, 68.97%.

Many thanks to all at Kennaa EC for organising the day and to Jane Atree for judging the tests. The MHC is very grateful to Milan Veterinary Ltd for sponsoring the Member’s Team Challenge series and to Country Warehouse for helping with the prizes.

The next round of the team challenges will be on May 2nd when West Coast RC will be hosting the Mounted Games, which is always great fun.


1st Team: Kennaa RC 278.08%
James Mister Graigueaverne Forester
Stephanie Byers Abbeyfield Cailin
Jess Collister Roosevelt
Lola-Bea Bryce Eragon Von Der Held

2nd Team: Chasers 258.12%
Ashley Foulds Perfectly Presented
Jayne Herschell-Kelly Salute Simon
Rebecca Le Blond Kiki Dee
Chloe Chadwick Minstrels Quest

3rd Team: Conrhenny EC 255.44%
Ruby Qualtrough Conrhenny Billabong
Jemima Mylchreest Conrhenny Quids In
Paula Dowson Khaleesi
Lindsay Collister Benaughlin Rambo

4th Team : West Coast RC 250.18%
5th Team: Baldrine Stables 246.98%
6th Team: Pony Club 242.80%

Individual Champion: James Mister Graigueaverne Forester 74.31%
Reserve Champion: Lola-Bea Bryce Eragon Von Der Held 68.97%

The winning Kennaa EC team (L to R) Jess Collister, Stephanie Byers, James Mister and Lola-Bea Bryce.

Reserve Champion Lola-Bea Bryce (left), Champion James Mister and Raymond Cox MHC Chairperson (right).

Placed teams with MHC chairperson Raymond Cox.


Manx Horse Council Arena Eventing Challenge 2022

Organised by Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre

3rd April 2022

Supported by Milan Veterinary Ltd

The Kennaa Riding Club team was victorious in opening round of the Manx Horse Council’s Members Team Challenge for Arena Eventing held at Ballavrtyn Equestrian Centre on April 3rd.

Anchored by Lola-Bea Bryce riding “Eric”, the team of Alison Callister on “Celia”, Freya Cowie on “Call me Russell” and Sue Kirkpatrick on “Joules” won the team competition with a combined score of 20 faults. West Coast Riding Club were second with a score of 30 faults with Baldrine Stables B edging out Conrhenney EC on time having tied on 34 faults.

The individual champion was Susannah Callister on “Greystones Pilgrim representing West Coast RC who took all the tight lines to the fences and won with a clear round in a time of 48.63 seconds. The Reserve Champion was Lola-Bea Bryce who was clear in 50.16 seconds on “Eric”.

Many thanks to all at Ballavartyn EC who put on an excellent day’s sport with a very fair yet testing course designed by Jen Crennell. The MHC is very grateful to Milan Veterinary Ltd for sponsoring the Member’s Team Challenge series the next round of which will be dressage to be held at Kennaa EC on April 23rd.


1st Team: 20 pts Kennaa RC
Alison Callister Celia
Freya Cowie Call me Russell
Sue Kirkpatrick Joules
Lola-Bea Bryce Eric

2nd Team: 30 pts West Coast RC
Susannah Callister Greystones Pilgrim
Claire Jackson Riffeylands Playboy
Lindsay Hotchkiss King of Quality
Kenzie Steele Gaulstown Delcano

3rd Team: 34 pts Baldrine Stables B
Abby Corlett Archie
Franke Cullen Lily
Lucy Corlett Tony
Vicky Thompson Daisy

4th Team : Conrhenny EC
5th Team: IOM Pony Club
6th Team: Ballavartyn EC
7th Team: Baldrine Stables A

Individual Champion: Susannah Callister Greystone Pilgrim
Reserve Champion: Lola-Bea Bryce Eric

Placed teams with MHC chairperson Raymond Cox.

Champion Susannah Callister (left) Raymond Cox MHC and Reserve Champion Lola-Bea Bryce (right).


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