Ebbw Prince

Reg No. 11529

Photo by John Roderick Rees

Ebbw Prince was born in 1972. His sire was Rhosfarch Frenin and his dam was Morfydd, who was by Cahn Dafydd.

The following article about him was taken from the April 1996 Welsh Cob Review Issue 10. It was written by John Roderick Rees B.A.

"In his famous eleqy, Thomas Gray wrote:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

To a degree, the first line is true of Ebbw Prince, who died this year, but the second is certainly not.

He had not been extensively shown but to see him was to experience a high degree of perfection in type and movement

His abiding glory is his progeny. The most notable is the champion, Ebbw Victor, the outstanding showman who takes over the ring, and is leaving a promising clutch of colts and fillies. There are others like Ebbw Amber Flash and Ebbw Viscount, typically Welsh and fine movers, destined for even greater glory.
Ebbw Prince was bred by Mr H. Humphrey's, Cilsane, Ilandeilo, but as I once wrote in the Journal, the decision to bring the mares that produced Ebbw Prince and Kilgour Welsh Monarch (sire of Horeb Euros) to Rhosfarch Frenin was made by Mr Humphreys' grandfather, the late Mr Evan William Parry (Tirpant, Cwmdu) who spent his later years at Cilsane. He decided, on seeing Rhosfarch Frenin at Lampeter in 1971, captivated by original type and movement.

Ebbw Prince was sold as a colt foal to Mr A. J. Weeks of the Ebbw Stud and he and his son David have been responsible for bringing the Ebbw galaxy of stars into such prominence.

I consider Ebbw Prince to have been of the very first rank among Welsh Cobs of today, and that the Ebbw Stud of A. J. Weeks ranks with the very best Welsh Cob studs of today."

His progeny include:
Babylon Britannia
Ebbw Amber Flash
Ebbw Victor
Ebbw Viscount

Rhosfarch Maid
Creuddyn Megan
Teify Briton Lad
Cymraes Glannaur Teify